Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment Policy

• TECNIFORJA focuses its activity on customer satisfaction, identifying its needs and expectations, providing products that fit the use and maintain the dimensional, structural and functional characteristics during the periods of time previously defined and established, with respect to the Environment.
• For the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System, which is defined and developed in the Company’s Quality Manual, the products’ compliance with market requirements and respect for the Environment and stakeholders is ensured. Compliance is confirmed by the standards of the Management System as well as by applicable Laws, Regulations and other requirements.
• Persecution of an organizational structure that leads to the improvement of the effectiveness of the processes, value teamwork, encouraging the involvement and participation of all in the pursuit of the objectives. To use human resources with strong experience and through their targeted training and / or learning, to promote performance improvement and self-control.
• Minimization of waste, seeking to produce good first.
• The adoption of good environmental practices and the consequent minimization of environmental impacts arising from their activities, promoting the rational use of resources, prevention of pollution and the use of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in the management and execution of activities.

The above policy is the responsibility of the Director General and Management and is disclosed and explained to all employees to promote a greater understanding of its content. It is signed by the Tecniforja Management as proof of commitment and is posted in various places of the company, in this form or only containing the summary scheme, duly approved and validated.

Vision, Mission and Values of Tecniforja


To be a leader and model of innovation in the production of technical parts obtained by stamping, Forging and machining in various carbon steel alloys.


To produce technical parts by high quality stamping, forging and machining promoting added value solutions through the development and improvement of production processes combined with the development of know-how and skills of Tecniforja’s human resources while always maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Top quality
  • Social responsability
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Protection and respect for the environment
  • Appreciation and respect for people